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Smartenit (formerly SimpleHomeNet) is a leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of products for energy management and home/building automation. Our affordable, convenient, and environment friendly solutions harmoniously integrate systems in your home or building to save you money.

Chronicles of Home Automation

In the created X10.  Man saw a means of controlling lights and appliances over the existing network of home electrical wiring and thus X10 was born.  For nearly 30 years, man saw that it was good...well not really.  It just took a while before man figured out something better.   

Over the years, automation enthusiasts have used X10 and have lived with the inherent communication concerns that come with line noise interference, absorption of signal, etc...but then came INSTEON.

INSTEON provides an answer to the majority of the concerns that X10 faces. 

  • Adding devices to an X10 network decreases signal strength, as each device absorbs signal.  INSTEON repeats the signal with every device, strengthening the network as more devices are added. 
  • With X10, when you send a signal from one device to another...the device that should have received the signal doesn't communicate back, letting the controlling device know if it got the signal or not.  INSTEON has 2-way communication between controlling and responding devices, so if the responding device doesn't acknowledge, the controller sends the signal again.
  • X10 communicates only over powerline, where INSTEON combines powerline and RF communication which offers mulitple pathways for a signal to travel and find it's destination more effectively.
  • X10 signal can take a few seconds to reach it's destination.  INSTEON, meaning "Instant ON", signal reaches it's destination virtually instantly, giving the impression that the devices were hard-wired together.

Learn more about INSTEON here

Now!! There is ZigBee®, a wireless  mesh-network technology that is gaining acceptance and recognition not only among the heavy hitters of home automation integration (Control4, AMX, HAI, RTI, etc...) but also among the utility companies across the country.  ZigBee offers the security and reliability that was a huge deciding factor with the utility companies when choosing what protocol to use in the their smart meters. 

With ZigBee Smart Energy devices, home owners can choose to cut their electric utility bills by allowing the utility company to shut off high energy devices (pool pumps, water heaters, HVAC, etc...) when there is a demand for the energy to be allocated more effeciently.  The home owner can always choose to opt-out if those appliances are needed during a "demand response event".

Learn more about ZigBee here

Smartenit seeks to offer the total solution with regards to building and home automation.  With devices like the EZX10RF and EZSrve, X10 and INSTEON can live together and work with each other.  These devices take an older protocol (X10) and translate the signal into a newer and more reliable protocol (INSTEON).  Keeping with that tradition, the ZBPLM and Harmony Gateway bridge X10, INSTEON, and ZigBee.  Seeing how there is no complete solution with any one protocol yet, having bridging devices that allow three well established protocols to work together is how we at Smartenit are bringing peace to the world...of home automation.

Please go to to purchase from our product line.

Should you have any questions regarding our products, please give us a call at (949) 429-3303.

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