Harmony Gateway Firmware Upgrade

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Checking the current Firmware Version on your Harmony Gateway

Login to Gateway using the iSmartenit App. Then go to the Settings view where you can see the IP addresses. Then click on the Information Icon i. The Firmware version should be displayed there.

You can check the firmware.xml file for the firmware version number of the Latest Release.

Upgrading your Harmony Gateway

The Harmony Gateway firmware can be upgraded easily through its FTP server. There are a few ways to upgrade the firmware. Let's discuss the easiest.
Step 1:
Make sure your TFTP IP is set to To check your TFTP IP:
(a) Login to your Gateway through the App, go to settings. (where you see the IP addresses)
(b) Click on Network. The TFTP IP is listed at the bottom. If it's not, then change it and click the Save icon (disk at top right). The Gateway will reboot after saving the Network settings.
(c) Connect to your Gateway again and verify that the TFTP IP now correctly set. You may proceed to upgrading the Gateway now.

Step 2:
Please disconnect and close all the Apps connected to your Harmony Gateway. Download the file image.bin from here. This is the latest release stable firmware. You can check the firmware.xml file for the firmware version number.

Step 3:
Now navigate to Harmony Gateway web server. For example, if your Harmony Gateway local IP address is Then copy the IP address to your web browser and hit go.

Step 4:
Login using:-
username = root
password = Smartenit

Step 5:
Click on "Upload Firmware" on the left panel. Then click on choose file, select the image.bin downloaded from Step 1. Then Click Upload.

Step 6:
After approximately 3 minutes, the Harmony Gateway should reboot with the new firmware. Enjoy!

Please do not unplug the Harmony Gateway when updating the firmware. This can cause fatal damage.

If you are not able to Login to the Gateway through iSmartenit App after uploading the Firmware then please call the Tech Support. Please do not send a Reboot or Power Cycle the Gateway.

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