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Welcome to the Help section for iSmartenit!


Getting Started
Supported Devices

Click Here To Test Drive iSmartenit!!

We have set up a public Harmony Gateway at the Smartenit office so you can play with iSmartenit. Click here for a brief "How to".

Server URL:

Port: 50333

Password : Smartenit (case sensitive)



Please make sure you are able to connect to your Gateway before using this help guide. If not, please follow the procedure here.

iSmartenit is a revolutionary Flash-based application that gives the user the ability to set up, control, and monitor their home/building automation network from any smart phone, tablet or web browser!

iSmartenit currently interfaces with Smartenit's Harmony line of automation gateways for control of ZigBee, INSTEON, and X10 networks. In addition, we have worked hard to allow you to use iSmartenit with third party platforms using an automation interface and operating our ZBPServer firmware. These include our HomAidPi and PlugAlong.

When used in conjunction with one of these gateway options you'll be able to use any mobile device, tablet or computer with an Internet connection and turn off your sprinklers remotely should an unexpected rain catch you off guard, check if you left any lights on, turn on your air conditioning or heater from the office so your home is at just the right temperature when you get there, or simply modify your existing timers, scenes, and actions should you have an epiphany while on vacation and need to make some adjustments to your lighting and appliance control.

Because iSmartenit is hosted by Smartenit, continual updates and enhancements will be made seamlessly, based on YOUR input and suggestions...and the best part of all, the application is absolutely FREE!!


iSmartenit makes even the least tech savvy of us able to enjoy the benefits of home automation.

Anyone can do this! There may be terms here that you have not heard of like "automation network" that may sound intimidating, but these are just the terms that will be becoming more and more common place as we move forward in time.  Home automation is not going anywhere and the more prices come down on this technology the more everyone will want it.  Much like computers went from being fringe technology to commonplace...home automation is the next technology to be in every home as it offers safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

Accessing iSmartenit

iSmartenit is available almost anywhere you might be. You can access your automation devices from Android and iOS platforms as well as from any computer connected to the Internet with the web application and desktop versions.

Desktop App

iSmartenit can be downloaded to install and Run on your PC or Mac.
Since iSmartenit runs on Adobe Air, you will need to install Adobe AIR. To download and install click here :
Now Download iSmartenit Desktop APP:


iSmartenit can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



iSmartenit can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.



iSmartenit is also available as a web application that can be accessed at with any Adobe Flash compatible browser.

Google Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, you can install iSmartenit as a Chrome dashboard application here from the Chrome store.

Areas View

The Areas Menu displays all the devices you have in your automation network. These devices are your smart light switches, appliance modules, irrigation controllers, thermostats, pool pump controllers, garage door controllers, and the like.

This is where you have access to control all of these devices either from your phone, tablet, or computer anywhere in the world with Internet access.

In the Areas View you can accomplish the following:

  • Add/Delete a device - Give it a name and an icon that helps you distinguish it from others
  • Set the configurations of your devices (Ex. local on levels, ramp rates, zone timers, X10 addresses, etc..)
  • Add/Delete Areas to organize your devices (Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, etc...)
  • Check the status of your devices (See if anything has been left on or check if something didn't turn on that should have)
  • Backup your files (Should you need to perform a reset to default, backing up your files makes reinstalling your network much easier)

Wizards View

The Wizards View is where you can set up "automation based on conditional logic"...which simply means you'll be able to set up time and/or device-based conditions that trigger various automation elements. For example, if you want your AC or Heat to come on at 6 a.m. only if there is motion in the house and/or if the bedroom lights are on, you can easily set that up in the Wizards View.

In the Wizards View you can accomplish the following:

  • Create a time-based event and/or device-based event that affects up to 6 devices
  • Create up to 6 conditions to fine tune what must be met before an event is triggered. 
  • Easily enable/disable Wizards - handy for setting up seasonal actions for Christmas lighting and disabling those actions when the season's over.


iSmartenit is seamlessly upgradeable and we will be adding features, as the requests come in, to offer an experience that makes a traditionally difficult to navigate and understand technology much more user friendly and comprehensible to everyone.


Should you have any questions at any time, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

Thank you,

The Staff at Smartenit

(949) 429-3303
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